uPVC Doors

uPVC doors are the most affordable and energy efficient range we have on offer.
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Our uPVC is the most affordable joinery
Most Affordable
Our uPVC is the most energy efficient
Energy Efficient
Our uPVC can be recycled in New Zealand
98% Recyclable
Our uPVC is super durable and built for New Zealand conditions
Super Durable

All Wood Doors

Solid timber from sustainable forests for a timeless look.
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All Wood winodws offer a timeless look
Timeless Look
Our timber is sourced from sustainable forests
Sustainably Sourced
All Wood windows and doors feature solid timber frames
Solid Timber
All Wood windows and doors have many options and upgrades
Many Options

Clad Wood Doors

Solid natural wood, with exteriors clad in aluminium, for a truly premium and sophisticated look.
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Clad Wood windows and doors are the most luxurious
Most Luxurious
Clad Wood features the most options and upgrades
Many Options
Solid timber frames are used
Solid Timber
Exteriors are clad in aluminium
Aluminium Outside

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